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Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Since the pandemic began and we are all locked away in our homes, the Internet has been slower than ever. This is due to the congestion of service providers. Before an 8-year-old boy spent the day at school in front of a teacher in a classroom, now he is at home connected to the internet with the teacher during working hours. Someone who worked in a restaurant serving people and only used the internet while at home or during the break, is now unemployed browsing the cell phone or computer all day.

Now we are all connected at the same time, all using different electronic devices that need the Internet at the same time in our homes. Since the distance began, I have been working from home and for me, it has been a great challenge, not only with the internet but also with the children. They want to watch movies on Netflix or Amazon Movies, but for this, the internet is required. The older one wants to play with his video games and guess what, for this, the internet is also needed. It seems that the internet has become essential in our lives, like having a bed, a stove, or a refrigerator. It is that we cannot have fun, work, or have contact with the world if it is not for this service.

After working from home, I have had trouble making video calls with my colleagues at work. Thanks to a colleague, I was able to solve my problem and keep my job, since others who did not have the proper performance due to the internet problem, were fired. Downloading or uploading a document to send to work was agonizing, at times I had to turn off other devices that my children were using to speed up the process, even so, everything seemed to move at a snail's pace, very slow. He also had the problem that the children complained because he always took the film from them at the best time according to them.

At one point I was fighting the computer on a group video call. If I could hear half, it was a lot. When it was my turn to speak, they said that my voice was badly heard.

After finishing the meeting, a colleague told me that he had the same problem, and it was solved with a Wifi Booster. I have never seen or read about this. He told me that for two days he had the same problem as me until he bought that device. He sent me the link of the same that had solved the problem, to see it click here. After I bought this Wifi Amplifier I have not had any more problems. We all can use our electronic devices connected to the Internet at the same time. Video calls to work have no more interference and the movies or videos they play for my children no longer stop. Now I have peace of mind and can work faster, which is less tiring and my performance is much better.

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